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Publications on the WWW by David K. Lynch

Physics Today
Letter to the Editor about scientific publishing
Readers' responses and my reply to them

Short article about the San Andreas Fault
Interactive Google Map showing many landforms created by the San Andreas Fault
Interactive Google Map showing the entire San Andreas Fault
Short article about areas below sea level
Earth Crossing Asteroids: How can we detect, measure and deflect them?
Near-Earth Asteroids: What are they and where do they come from?
Meteor Showers: What causes meteor showers? How to observe meteor showers.

Short WORD article about the San Andreas fault (700 words)
Quick facts about the San Andreas fault

The Citizen Scientist
Another short article about the San Andreas Fault

Topanga Messenger
Letter to the editor denouncing hysteria over global warming
Readers' responses
More readers' responses

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
I won the ROMANCE CATEGORY in 2004.
I received a "Dishonorable Mention" in the VILE PUN category in 2007.
Both horrible pieces of writing have been reprinted in It was a Dark and Stormy Night: A Collectionof the Worst Fiction Ever Written, S. Rice (ed).

Internet articles about or involving Lynch
National Geographic article about light
Newspaper article based on a talk I gave in Frazer Park, CA - squarely on the San Andreas Fault
Article about the 9th International Meeting on Light and Color in Nature
Article about a talk I gave at the Glendora Library

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