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Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault
See and touch the world's most famous fault on one of twelve easy day trips between Cape Mendocino and the Mexican Border. The book includes mile-by-mile road logs, GPS coordinates for hundreds of fault features and accurate fault coordinates ( 100 ft). Many of the annotated routes have side trips to seldom visited locales. There are complete geologic explanations and a glossary. The day trips are relaxing and uncrowded, perfect for family getaways. And the scenery is spectacular. Here's a chance to get up close and personal with the San Andreas Fault. No 4WD needed. Full color, 210 pages, 140 figures and photographs. Spiral bound to lay flat for easy reading in the car. Also available on CD. Book: $39.95, CD (The entire book as a PDF file): $19.95

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Color and Light in Nature
What is a rainbow? How many are there? Why is the sky blue? Why is the setting sun red and flattened? What is a mirage? Why are there rays or spokes coming from the setting sun? What is the green flash? Can it be photographed? Why does the moon look so big on the horizon? Why do stars twinkle? What is an aurora borealis? Is it really darkest before dawn? Why are wet spots dark? What is that ring around the Sun? Why can water appear so many different colors? These and dozens of other questions about naturally occurring optical effects are explained with pictures and diagrams, along with tips on how to see and photograph them. Authors David K. Lynch and William Livingston are astronomers. One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Books for 1996.

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Atmospheric Phenomena

This is a collection of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN articles. Editor David K. Lynch writes an introduction followed by reproductions of the original articles by various authors: WATER, ICE, SNOW CRYSTALS, THE GROWTH OF SNOW CRYSTALS, HAILSTONES, FOG, THEORY OF THE RAINBOW, THE GLORY, MIRAGES, THE GREEN FLASH, MECHANISM OF LIGHTNING, BALL LIGHTNING, THUNDER, ATMOSPHERIC HALOS, NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS, THE AURORA, THE AIRGLOW, THE ZODIACAL LIGHT. The articles predate 1980 and are a little out of date, but this remains one of the best surveys in the field - if you can find it: it's long out of print.

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